Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Duck and Cover

Found this on Wisebread.com:

Amount of fireworks sold to individuals for personal celebrations in 2006: 252 million pounds

Amount of fireworks sold to individuals for personal celebrations in 2000: 102 million pounds

Total dollar amount spent on fireworks in 2007: 900 million dollars

Total dollar amount spent on fireworks in 2000: 350 million dollars

And according to a report by the Consumer Products Safety Commission:

CPSC staff has reports of 11 fireworks-related deaths during 2007. Five people were killed in incidents involving aerial and display fireworks. Three people died in fires where fireworks were the ignition source. Three people were killed as a result of manufacturing or storing illegal fireworks. CPSC staff has reports of 11 fireworks-related deaths in 2006.

Fireworks were involved in an estimated 9,800 injuries treated in U. S. hospital emergency departments during calendar year 2007 (95 percent confidence interval 7,700 – 11,800). CPSC staff estimated that there were 9,200 fireworks-related injuries during 2006.

An estimated 6,300 fireworks-related injuries (or 64 percent of the total fireworks-related injuries) were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments during the one-month special study period between June 22, 2007 and July 22, 2007 (95 percent confidence interval 4,500 – 8,100). CPSC staff estimated that there were 6,400 fireworks-related injuries (70 percent of the total) during the 2006 special study period.

Emergency department-treated fireworks-related injuries display a statistically significant upward trend from 1996 to 2007.
Results from the special study include the following:

Of the injuries sustained, 70 percent were to males and 30 percent were to females.

Injuries to children were a major component of total fireworks-related injuries with children under 15 accounting for 42 percent of the estimated injuries. Children and young adults under 20 had 54 percent of the estimated injuries.

Among different types of fireworks, sparklers were associated with the greatest number of estimated injuries at 1,100. There were 1,000 injuries associated with firecrackers and 900 associated with rockets.

The parts of the body most often injured were hands (estimated 2,000 injuries), eyes (1,400 injuries) and legs (1,200 injuries).

More than half of the injuries were burns. Burns were the most common injury to all parts of the body except the eyes and head area, where contusions, lacerations, and foreign bodies in the eye occurred more frequently.

Most patients were treated at the emergency department and then released. An estimated 5 percent of patients were treated and transferred to another hospital or admitted to the hospital.

"What's causing all this patriotic mayhem", you ask? Well, according to Yahoo News:
Last year, July 4th was the biggest beer-selling holiday of the year, with beer sales at supermarkets across the country topping 23 million cases during the holiday period, according to The Nielsen Company.

And I think pretty much all of that happened within a two block radius of my house.

In case you've forgotten, I think private fireworks should be banned.


Lolabola* said...

and again, I am in total agreement with your last statement.

also, am currently up to my ears in "woohoo!" and honking. B told me today, he thinks there should be a new law that any idiot wearing a flag t-shirt or waving one (or ten of them) off of their car at this time of year, should be arrested immediately without explanation.

Extra punishment if they quote the "i am canadian" beer commercial with their arms raised in hockey salute.

Double that if they try to browbeat me into believing that ad has done more for nationalism than anything else, and that it's a good thing.

I, Rodius said...

Let's just keep our heads down and hope our houses don't burst into flames, shall we? Good luck!

Donna said...

To ban the fireworks, we would have to ban the Y chromosome. Men like fire, explosions and danger. And you can buy all three in that pretty red and white stripey tent down the road. We were invited further out into the country last year for the 4th, and with kids who had already experienced the unmitigated thrill of lighting and throwing Black Cat singles. And Y chromosome holder that he is, the Mighty Hunter decided that Number One Son, who was all of SEVEN, was old enough to play along. Inside I was screaming NONONONONONONO!!!!! But my other mom friends were OK with it (the other kids were 7-9 as well), and I caved. They had a blast (literally), and besides a few pokes with a lighted punk, everyone survived. I hated every second of it. But at least one dad had the sense to make them put cotton in their ears, so if they blow off a body part they will still be able to listen to the aftercare instructions.

anniemcq said...

Donna, your last sentence made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

Actual conversation from this weekend:

One of the husbands: Let's go get fireworks! Who's coming with me?
Me to wife of husband: What did he just say?
Other husband: Ooh, fire? Fun! I'm with you buddy! Let's go!
Me to wife of other husband: Did they just say fireworks? Where are they going? ARE THEY GOING TO GET FIREWORKS?
Wives of two firework-getting husbands look at me wide-eyed, say nothing.
Me: This is not a good idea. I do not think we should be setting off fireworks. Have you SEEN how many young children are here? I personally know two different people who suffered serious injury from drunken fireworks escapades. Does anyone else think this is a bad, bad, BAD idea?


Amy from Franklin5: (in whisper to me) I totally agree with you.

several hours later

Drunk happy husbands: Who is up for fireworks?
Me: The children are not going near fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!

It's tough being the Debbie Downer of the group.

suttonhoo said...

right. have I told you about the time I was mauled by a mastiff on the fourth? MAULED. clothing torn to shreds. bruised, bitten, bleeding.

no doubt because the poor pup was freaked out by the fireworks.

right there with you, chickie.

Lolabola* said...

"mauled by a mastiff on the fourth?" that's gotta make a good title for so many things....

anniemcq said...

Holy Big Dogs, BAtman. Mauled by a Mastiff. I think we might have the title for your memoir, D.