Friday, July 25, 2008

HeadSong Friday: The Impossible Dream

Because I can't kick you, internets, but I want to, dammit, I NEED to.

Because I'm an aging Theater Geek (like an aging Marching Band Geek, only more dramatic), and this is perhaps one of the best songs ever written for the stage.

Because Brian Stokes Mitchell's voice makes me moist in my nether regions.

Because I saw him for the first time at the Hollywood Bowl way, waaaay up in the cheap seats and thought he was singing directly to me:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

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Donna said...

Who would have guessed when he was playing Jackpot on Trapper John M.D. that he could sing like that?? I saw Man of La Mancha the first time when my high school did it about 10 years ago and couldn't believe I hadn't seen it before then!

Admitted musical freak here--in fact my mom and I are headed to a small-town (but high quality) production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers today at noon. I gave up trying to find things she liked for her birthday, and now we just wait until there is a theater production or a concert that we both like and I treat her. Last year we saw the theater teacher and director from my high school play the male part in Misery. The Mighty Hunter is NOT a theater person, so it is fun to have someone to go with. Pretty soon we will let Number One Son come along too!