Thursday, September 4, 2008

Because My Brain is Incapacitated....

...due to school/work starting, I am posting verbatim what my brilliant friend Melanie said. She doesn't have a blog (yet), but she should. This is her reaction to Palin's speech, which I am still not feeling brave enough to watch:

"Well, let me first swallow the vomit in the back of my throat...

I felt like I was watching the emperors new clothes. First of all, I wish someone at one of these friggin networks would comment on the complete lack of diversity in attendance at the RNC. It looked like the Southern Baptist White Convention.

Her speech was energizing and direct and I'm sure worked in the house last night. She attacked Obama many times and would do so with a smug smile. She looked like a puppet for Karl Rove. And with a 72 year old nominee, that is exactly what she will be. They kept her off topic with regards to social issues which was smart as she is extreme even for the RNC, and they put her on the attack instead. She came off as a little mean. Not sure if I would have gone there when it is the first impression most people will see. Guilianni was an a-hole, criticizing the "left wing media" (forgetting how much he loved being called "America's Mayor"). I think that Palin gave them exactly what they wanted and needed. There is a buzz out here among conservative women who perhaps weren't going to vote. I am afraid that this choice will expand McCain's base with the uneducated white rural voter. Her speech was effective but full of half truths and some flat out misrepresentations. I don't think she has a right (having been in a national race all of 10 days) to be so critical and dismissive of Obama. Frankly, I wanted to punch her. She made fun of his "Community organizing", made him out to be a fake Jesus, made fun of the pillars on his set in Denver, made fun of Michelle's comments on pride, made fun of Obama's comments on guns and religion saying "what you see is what you get with me and McCain". Ok, that helps when there is audio like the one I sent you or the one where she condones a radio talk show host who refers to her democratic rival in Alaska as a "bitch" and a "cancer". She is so extreme in everything from choice to climate change and by not going there last night, I realized that is their Achilles heel with her." Bold italics mine. We need to be driving this home. Anyway, to get back to what Melanie sez:

"She truly doesn't sit well with moderates or independents. Our job is to make sure that people (especially women) are aware of just how extreme her views are. Right now there is euphoria in the RNC and McCain still has to speak tonight. He's not a great speaker but Damn! He's a war hero! He needs to clarify his positions. My fear is that this euphoria will last nine weeks and she could be our president. I am truly frightened by that.

You should watch the speech."

(Yes, I know, but I'm just too chicken. I'm afraid my hubby would come home to find I had spontaneously combusted. So I'm waiting a bit.

"She was able to be the bitchy PTA mom and remain likeable. We need Hillary to fight her on her record, we need Biden to fight her on her record and on her flip flops. This is no longer about race or gender or party, it's about two completely different directions for this country. One that moves us ahead and one that not only maintains the status quo politically but socially could put us back 30 years."


She sent me another email this afternoon, with this addition:

"How come no one is talking about the fact that Obama went to HARVARD!!! Where did she go to school????? Then Obama gave up six figures to go and help real people in a real crisis! His "responsibility" was to his own conscience because he saw human suffering and wanted to make it better. It's not ambition to work for 10,000 a year in the south side of Chicago. It's heart. And soul. God am I proud to be a DEMOCRAT!!"

Amen, Sistah.

Everyone, lets give it up for my brilliant friend Melanie. She could use it, she lives in Alabama, and let's face it, she's not surrounded by like-minded individuals.