Friday, September 26, 2008

Transcript of the Debate

Well, this is a transcript of our REACTION to the debate (mostly Joe-Henry's; my comments are in italics), as reported live on Twitter:

JH: "it's weird that they shake hands when they don't like each other"

JH, after Obama got to go first: "it's nice that Obama gets to go first, so that John McCain can learn from him."

John McCain's tie is freaking out my tv screen. Stripes man - you've been around awhile, don't you know they mess with people's screens?

JH: "Mom, do you think John McCain is as mean as (Oregon Republican) Gordon Smith?" Clearly we're getting tired of campaign commercials

I love that Jim Lehrer is MAKING THEM talk to each other. I did that to kids on the playground today.

JH: "Oh, that was an EASY question."

JH: "He (John McCain) sounds like Gopher in the Winnie-the-Pooh movie"

Obama looks directly at McCain while speaking, while McCain will not look at him. Like he'll burst into flames if he does.

JH: "Why is McCain smiling?" Me: "Because he's uncomfortable".

JH: "John McCain needs to stop laughing. This is serious, isn't it, Mom?"

JH: "the prisoners get tortured? Don't torture the prisoners!"
(what I didn't tweet, because I was listening to the debate and wanted to hear what they said, was that he also added "that's not very good sportsmanship."


JH: "John McCain isn't teaching his opponent anything at all!"

Ohhhhhh, nice comeback Barack! Well done.

JH: "you wouldn't have to wear the boy's bracelet if you didn't make the war."

John McCain is a bitch..
Oh, Barack, I love how you stay so cool.
you can just feel the audience desire to clap for Barack's statement
John, your creepy smile is, well, creeping me out.

JH: "John McCain doesn't think Obama understands anything."

JH: "I love you Barack Obama. He's a sweet dude!"

Barack, you are so classy.

And finally, at bedtime, this was Joe-Henry's summary of the entire debate:

JH: "Mom, you know what I like about Barack Obama? He stood up and said in firm language 'that's not true about me. If John McCain used...
...his two minutes to tell the truth, maybe more people might vote for him."


I, Rodius said...

Barty Crouch Jr. is one of Voldemort's Death Eaters. I guess J-H hasn't done the whole Harry Potter thing yet, huh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this, because I passed out cold on the couch. The last thing I heard was McCain say, a 2nd time, "I didn't win any Miss Congeniality awards in Congress".

Rich (who watched the whole thing. And then deleted it from the DVR while I snoozed next to him) said he felt it was not the slam dunk he hoped it would be. He was really hoping that if Obama could strongly win this one, on his (presumably) weakest topic of foreign affairs, the debates would be a done deal. His opinion was that they came out fairly even.

Disappointing, but what will be REALLY fun is the vice-presidential debate.

suttonhoo said...

I just hope America's electorate shows the wisdom of J-H and those 61 Nobel prize winning scientists.

astonishes me still that this race is so close.

She Said said...

OK, this post made my day. Obama was here in Reno today and I couldn't go and was really bummed. THIS made me smile again. Thanks!