Sunday, November 30, 2008

All Grown Up

Yesterday afternoon, after puttering, crafting, and driving playdates to and fro, I decided I needed a playdate of my own. With that strapping husband of mine. So I called in the cavalry, and my brother came over to hang with Joe-Henry. I bribed him with leftovers and pie, but honestly, I think he would have done it without it. He's just that nice.

So when the man came home, we headed out to see Quantum of Solace. With this yummy slab of man-pie:

Then we came home and watched Casino Royale, which I hadn't seen.

Two movies where no furry animals talked. In one night.

And then.... we had some fun.

I had sweet dreams last night.


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great night! We all need that. I'm very envious of my sister who just moved to a few miles from her (supportive and involved) inlaws, so she can have fun getaways like that too.

Amber said...

Awesome photoshoppin';)

Donna said...

Oh lordy, Daniel Craig is luscious!!! Haven't seen Solace yet, but loved Casino (except for the wicker chair private parts torture EEEK!).

Gotta work in a date night as soon as hunting season is over...

Donna said...

For the love of Bond, get that man off your front page!!! I get palpitations every time I come over! Lawsy! ;0)

Amber said...

Have you abandoned 'mommysinatimeout"for Facebook?Tisk, J/K:):)