Friday, November 14, 2008

A New Day...

....and a full nights sleep. Which means good things, mostly. The good news: Joe-Henry woke up hungry, asking for a donut yesterday at around 4:00. I gave him some soup, which he kept down, and then some toast (with a tiny bit of jam....I know - risking it!), and he started to sound a little bit like his old self. No more moaning, he didn't sound weak, and in fact I could tell he was hungry because he was really obstinate. He slept all night, I did too (more on that in a minute) and wants to go to school today.

Good news, yes? I will send him to school, I will go to work, and of course, the bad news is I will spend the whole day worrying about him. Never mind that I know he'll be okay. I'm still going to worry.

I'm worrying also about my husband, who is suffering a really low period now. I can't say more than that - it's his story, not mine, but suffice to say that he could use some good thoughts. After the kidney infection and lack of sleep this week, there wasn't a lot of me left to offer any support to him.

It did feel good to get a full night's sleep, even though I wound up in the kid's bed again (I just fell asleep there and didn't move the rest of the night) and my back is killing me today. I'm hoping it's just from sleeping in his bed, and not the kidney infection rearing it's ugly head.

But sleeping a full night left me to dream, and I have to share a bit of the dialogue that I woke up with. I worked as some kind of numbers cruncher for a large company, but I had my hand full of tiny kid's books and stuffed peechee folders. Tom Hanks was my boss, and had given us a pep talk and a middle school friend that I haven't thought of in years was a co-worker. I was trying to organize my work, and put it in piles and I said "it feels so good to finally get that organized!" My friend lamented that she didn't know, exactly, what it was we did. It was like a slap in the face, a huge existential crisis in my dream. What DID I do? Then she repeated what Tom Hanks said to us, and it was his voice coming out of her mouth. "I understand that God's Tit is funny, but how does it pertain to what we do?"

Then my alarm went off. I hope you have as much fun trying to figure it out as I'm sure I will.


suttonhoo said...

oh yay: so glad to hear everyone's feeling better.

& I don't know about god's tit but peechee folders are definitely related to sex. they always were for me, anyway, as a kid: so impossibly grown up with all those vibrant sports scenes, they symbolized all those impossibly grown up things that grown ups do. + we used to mess with the typography so that it said something sexy (although I'm having a hard time remembering exactly what we made it say).

that's all I have. except oh: and Tom Hanks the younger version? then more sex. older = just hugs.

I, Rodius said...

God's Tit is funny.

Off to go Google peechee folders now.

Lisa L said...

Glad about the little one. So sorry about your other half. As a depression sufferer, I understand the burdon it places on the significant other. Not good. Is one of the reasons I stay on antidepressents - my depression almost drove us apart. Hope things pick up soon...

bernthis said...

My daughter had the same thing as your son. We were at the nail salon and she literally puked in the footwell where they soak your feet. Nice huh? LOL