Sunday, November 23, 2008


Cowboy & Green Pipe
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Joe-Henry found out a bit about his ancestry this weekend when we watched "The Searchers" with John Wayne. My husband's grandfather was a stuntdouble in the old Westerns, and they even named a character after him in that movie.

Charley McQuary's cowboy hat was given to his grandson Charley, who then gave it to his son Joe-Henry today. We had a spare hat around when his friend stopped by. He'd gotten some cap guns as a prize for being brave during his flu shot (after suffering through a week of the stomach flu). They've been playing at it for hours: they've set up a tent, a "campfire", playing mandolin & ukelele to keep the frost and loneliness at bay, and have been keeping us all safe here at the homestead.



suttonhoo said...

super cool. so was this hat *in* the Searchers?

what a treasure.

C said...

I found you via More than a minivan mom's blog. I live an hour outside of the Dallas area and your comment made me wonder on over. I <3 my bloggy friends and can't live w/o them. I wish I had more real life friends but the online ones work for me!

Donna said...

Charley McQuary is such a cool name!! It just reeks of cowboy. I always though my maternal grandfather had the perfect name for his job--Arthur M. Gowan was the Registrar of Students at Iowa State University. Sounds just like a name you should see on your diploma. Damn I wish that man would have gotten to meet his grandkids. Sniff.

anniemcq said...

Donna, I love your grandpa's name. Gowan was a name from some University I remember as a kid - seriously, I remember hearing it on the radio. I'll have to go into my wayback machine to remember, though!