Friday, November 28, 2008

Bubble Man

Bubble Man
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His name is Ron Winter, and I met him when I tagged along with my guys today. They had wanted to play some football, so I took the camera, knowing that Officer's Row in Vancouver always offers something to photograph, no matter when you go.

Today I struck gold when I met Ron, who introduced himself as Ol' Man Winter. He was making these magical bubbles, and I was mesmerized. He told me he started doing it when his kids were younger (they are in their teens and twenties now). He was peaceful and methodical, and told me the best book to get (the Bubble Book on Amazon), the best time to make bubbles (not when it's sunny, not when it's rainy, not when it's too windy) the best tools to use, the best formula, but honestly, I had lots more fun just watching him. It was so serene and zen-like, and the pictures made me squeal when I saw them.

Thanks Ron, for the serendipitous magic this afternoon.

check out the rest of the set here


*Lissa* said...

Oh, wow! AWESOME photo! I can't wait to check out the rest on Flickr!

Ron Winter said...

Hi this is the bubble man, and I just wanted to thank you for letting me see my bubbles through your eyes. This this is a fun hobby and its relaxing and gets me away from the real world's pressures and to meet a lot interesting people and enjoy all the beauty that's around me. Thanks for taking the time to shoot all the photos
Ron Winter

anniemcq said...

Ron, the thanks are all to you. I had such a good time watching you make your soapy magic. I hope you enjoy the photographs!

Robin Amos Kahn said...

Wow, those are pretty fantastic bubbles! And Annie, I've been looking at more of your photos on Flickr and they are really terrific.