Monday, September 3, 2007

If September 4th is your birthday....

You are a stickler for managing and organizing your finanacial affairs but never get the hang of learning from your experiences. You cannot manage the restlessness you feel as a youngster and leave your community to break with traditions. Basically you are down to earth and determined to be successful. It is the uncertainty and surprises of childhood that tax your methodical mind. Mid-life offers you the chance to meet people and experiences that recognize just how dependable you really are. As a child, you must be wiser than your years.

From your late twenties to your early fifties, you are productive and constructive. You are a habitual worker and practic your skills with a determination to see financial results. You want material success and to live comfortably. Real estate, farming, construction businesses, physical fitness programs and military service are stepping-stones for your technical applications. Manufacturing offers an opportunity for you to see a tangible result and a profit.

It is necessary for you to buld consistently for the future and to put your physical energy to the test. Unused energy results in destructive activities. You can be very obedient or refuse to follow any pattern.

Love and work do not meld during your early years. It's one or the other. When you reach late years, you handle your self-imposed discipines without imposing them on your family or lovers. You are devoted, trustworthy and sincere. However, your youthful follies may be a tough act to follow. You grow far from your place of birth and find life after age fifty rewarding.

From "You Are Your Birthday" by Ellin Dodge

Happy Birthday to Kimberly! If this isn't insightful, I hope it's at the least amusing.


Kimberly said...

Let me know.

Take care... I heart you!!

Kimberly said...

Here is the original message, don't know what happened when I went to post.

Thank you Annie McQ this was very definitely insightful and true to a great deal. This book is right on the money. It's nice to know that in approx. 7 more years things will get better for me in life.

Yes, my childhood did cause me to grow up wise beyond my years but it also made me a survivor. Love has never been something I've had success with but always got someting good out of it... my kids.

You're the best for putting this out there for me. I'd like to copy it and put it on my blog if that's OK with you. I'd love to hear my friends comment on it and of course I'll link them back to your site as well.

anniemcq said...

Post away, Sister! Happy Birthday!