Monday, September 10, 2007


This morning, Joe-Henry was so tired from way too many activities this weekend, all he wanted was to curl up on my lap and cry. He was so brave, getting ready for school, but I worry of course, that I'll get a call mid-day that he's sick. Poor kid. I wanted so badly to be able to stay home with him and let him rest. Next time I'll listen to my instincts, the ones that told me yesterday before we got out the door to drive to Seattle for a birthday party, that we were doing too much.

We will not be over-achieving again anytime soon. The rest of the week, the biggest thing on our calendar is a PTO meeting and a trip to the library. And I promised him that this afternoon, as soon as he got home, we'd curl up for a short nap and some prime snuggle time to talk about our days. Of course, I know that by the end of the day, he'll be ready to play and go, go, go, having had a blast at school, and snuggle time on the big bed is something that I will only be able to wish for, but a girl can dream, can't she?


I, Rodius said...

It must've been all that climbing and climbing and climbing, poor guy. I know how he feels. Sometimes I want to curl up and cry, too.

I keep meaning to say congratulations on the new job. I think I missed something, so I keep meaning to go back and re-read your recent posts to see what went on with the whole job thing, but Thumper doesn't like reading blogs much. He prefers for me to bounce him while I pace, and it's hard reading phrase by phrase as I pass the monitor. Anyway, congratulations!

Donna said...

Oh I plead guilty to the same, if slightly less inflatable, crime! We went to grandma's to celebrate #1son's 8th birthday with the cousins, then played 3 quarters of soccer, only to get home to a message that says that some school friends are digging a hole and there will be hotdogs and wouldn't we like to pop on over? (Popping over actually requires a 5-minute drive into the country though.) Never mind it is already 4:30 on a Sunday night and I have no clothes set out for Monday, let alone the whole week like I had planned. And never mind that I said we could stay until 7:30 and we didn't leave until 8:45. And never never mind that they were covered in dirt from digging the hole and had to have a shower before bed. Could this be why Son #2 started crying in kindergarten today when he just couldn't find it in him to learn to write the lowercase g? So no more Sunday night partying for us!

On the other hand, we just have time to hit the Family Day festivities at the local university between soccer games on Saturday, and I think they have inflatables....