Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This Makes Me Hot

I just ordered this gorgeous little item from Amazon, refurbished, for $87.00.

Since our cat has declared war on us (she has been on a campaign for the last 6 years and 10 months to send Joe-Henry BACK WHERE HE CAME FROM) and keeps pooping on the carpet, I found something that will make my mornings (and afternoons) a little easier.

Free Shipping, too.

I'm damp with anticipation.


anne said...

My sister has one of these to combat a similar cat problem, and she swears by it.

Never having owned a pet, I do not understand how an animal can have so much influence on a human's life that you put up with all the hassles of caring for them...

But that is why I am not a pet owner.

Good luck!

suttonhoo said...

lol -- it looks like little "love me goddammit" lulu may have met her match.

I love that cat.

no: I don't want to take her.

doesn't mean I can't love her, just for being queen of all she surveys.

anniemcq said...

Anne - I have tried to find a good home for her (see suttonhoo's comment below yours) to no avail. Who would take a cat like this off my hands? She wasn't like this at all before JH was born, and he is probably the only reason she is still with us, he loves her so.

I'm glad to hear your sister likes this. I felt as though the heavenly choir was singing directly above my head when I found it during my google search of "spot carpet cleaner".

And Ms. Hoo - are you SURE you don't want her? She would bring you SO much laughter.

I, Rodius said...

I'll be waiting breathlessly to find out if it works. Our two cats are both prone to UTI's and crystals, and they inform us of such by peeing dark orange-brown stains into the carpet. Fun!