Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hardy & Persistent & Colorful

I was amazed, when walking out my door a couple days ago, by this flash of pinky-purple in the corner of my yard. Probably just a candy wrapper, I thought, blown down the street by the wind. But no, it was this beautiful heather, in full bloom. I stopped to look, then had to grab my camera, it was so beautiful. Unusual - delicate AND hardy. Those little blossoms look so fragile, but the prickly stems tell a different story. Thriving in the cold, picking up the moods of passers by just by being there, showing a little color in the never ending grey.

Of course this stuff grows like crazy during the winter here too. And though green is my favorite color, and this looks so soft and beautiful, it's everywhere.

Of course, nothing is as colorful as this.

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