Sunday, January 6, 2008

oh. my.

Further proof that the world is full of goodness is found HERE.

Suttonhoo is a dear friend, and she has joined forces with The World's Best Mechanical Engineer and his Brother (both friends we've never met) to bestow upon Joe-Henry some real life magic. A while back, TWBME very generously posted a series of experiments for Joe-Henry on Suttonhoo's blog, after hearing that JH had a penchant for knowing how the doors work on the MAX train. It was quite a series, and deserves a second look. Their generosity of spirit continues, and we here at the McQ household, all of us, are verklempt.

We offer a million thank-yous, and it still doesn't seem like enough. You make the world golden.


suttonhoo said...

technically I think that maybe it's *science* that makes the world golden -- and we just got to be the conduit this time around.


Yay -- can't wait for J-H to get his hands on these -- I'm new to the series, but they really are remarkable. there's even an entry on "Joseph Henry: One of the greatests physicists in the history of American Science" who "made important discoveries in the field of electromagnetism."

And the experiments -- page after page after page -- are amazing.

+ there's the fact that they influenced two of the most amazing minds that I've ever run into -- that's gotta be worth something. ;)

anniemcq said...

Nope. It's you three and your generous hearts that make the world golden. Science is the conduit.

Bless you, friends.

Stutopian said...

Suttonhoo that was incredibly thoughful and I commend you on your overabundance of humanity. Anne you'd better start saving more; MIT is going to be very expensive in 10 years.