Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just Us

Grandma and Grandpa left today, leaving behind a wake of folded laundry and a fridge full of groceries. We had a great visit, with many highlights and a only a few bumps. Mostly, though it was lovely, and so nice to hear the laughter - theirs AND Joe-Henry's because they truly do enjoy each other so much.

Here are a few highlights of their visit:

Brunch at The Restaurant at Officer's Row in Vancouver. There were delicious meals all around, and Joe-Henry ate every speck of food on his plate, which might be setting some kind of record. When we went in the restaurant it was a bit cloudy, but coming out, the sun was shining bright, and we had a great day.

There was the trip to OMSI, where Joe-Henry lit up like a Christmas Tree doing all the experiments. I'm not sure how much they loved the museum itself, but I know they loved being with the boy. I did too.

There was the rousing game of Yahtzee over dinner with my brother and his girl, and Foosball after pizza last night at the Blind Onion (Joe-Henry and Grandpa won two games and we tied the third game), and of course, there were the oranges. So many of them!

And they look so SWEET!

We'll miss them, but we'll look forward to visiting them during spring break. And I promise: No hanky panky*.

*Some promises are made to be broken.


girlinaboyhouse said...

Wow, those oranges look GREAT!

Stutopian said...

I can't believe how juicy and sweet they are; they appear to be otherworldly in their not-having-sex-iness.

English Garden said...

Great pics Annie.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the picture of the orange is fantastic!

And don't make promises you can't keep, girlfriend.