Wednesday, August 6, 2008


There has been lots happening here at Casa McQ: A birthday, a visit from dear friends, a visit TO dear friends, a day trip to a major league baseball game, and oh the list goes on. We are preparing to host another round of dear friends this weekend and next, and are counting our lucky stars that far flung loved ones will come visit us in, "The 'Couve" (it's a local thing), or as my husband says "Vantucky".

Summer is waning, only so many days left until school starts and these long mornings will be a memory. I'd best git crackin' on the things I promised myself I'd get done during the summer. My to-do list isn't getting any shorter. The only thing getting shorter around here is my patience. Hot days + whiny, bored kid = Mommy needs to double her dosage. Or something.

But last night, I think I got a clue about JH's recent irritability. You know, in addition to the lack of sleep, lax schedule, etc. As I was passing his room, I peeked in to make sure he was asleep, and it looked as though he had been replaced by a basketball player. He will always sleep under the covers, even in summer, but last night it was so warm, he had kicked them off, and his legs! His legs were SO LONG. SO, SO LONG. He's been growing like crazy.

Yesterday as I played with my new lens that my sweet, amazing, studly husband got me, I took this pic. JH's sweet, fuzzy cheek. The one I used to playfully gum when he was a baby. It's still as inviting as a fuzzy peach, and I know before long, in a blink, it will be more manly, covered in whiskers instead of that silky fuzz. But I will always want to kiss it. That is the only thing that will never, ever change.


*Lissa* said...

I don't think I have accomplished much of what I had intended this summer either! I can't believe the kids will be back in school in 2 weeks!!

Tell me, tell me!! What kind of lens did the hubby get you?!

anniemcq said...

He got me a Sigma 70-300 zoom/macro lens. It's a total beginner lens, but it's fantastic. It's also not nearly as spendy as the Nikon version. He's so amazing - he's a review reader, and pored over all the reviews to find it. I'm having a blast. I just got it yesterday, so I haven't had much of a chance to play, but I'll be putting some up on flickr soon.

Kari said...

My email to you will not go through, so I am cutting and pasting as necessary (therefore inappropriate and unrelated to the topic of this post, so my many apologies):

I am laughing and clapping and cheering so hard!! And am impressed by both the skill and level of commitment it took to pull off this number -- that point towards the middle where he throws his hands to the sky and shouts into the mike (like a hawk?), that is perfection. That is a happy boy.

I love your family. And now every time I listen to this soundtrack, I will think of all of you -- just knowing you guys are out there somewhere doing stuff like this makes me happier than I can say. And if I ever get married, I will have to make certain my husband knows his way around a guitar, if you know what I mean :)

Cheers to you and yours, my dear -- what a precious gift.

Donna said...

I have a building meeting on Tuesday, and school starts a week from Friday!

Seems like the list of things we meant to do gets bigger every time we look at it. It's not like we sat on our duffs the whole time--we did drive to Michigan, played a season of teeball and coach-pitch, went to a week of soccer camp, took swimming lessons (El Diablo learned to go off the diving board all by himself and his big brother learned to dive and do a front flip). But we really did mean to go to the zoo in town at least once (and the one in Omaha too). And there are those friends in Tulsa that we meant to drop in on. But hey, at least we rode the mini-train and the 100-year-old carousel today before going to the wrap party for the reading program at the big library.

Oh yeah, and we got Icees at Burger King. :0)

Gotta find me a new lens too. The Mighty Hunter gave me a $75 head start on one, but silly home improvement projects and school supplies keep getting in the way...