Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wanderin': For Kari G.

Since Kari G. took me to Neil Diamond last night (metaphorically speaking, of course, I don't want you all to get jealous!), and much mention was made of The Ray Conniff Singers, it set my mind wanderin' a Mighty path. I started thinking about The New Christy Minstrels, and I was outta control from then on.

My brain went from here:

to here:

to (warning: easy now) here.

Happy Sunday all. Have a great week!


Kari said...

Woo hoo! And thank you. This makes me so happy -- the whole thing. I'm such a sucker for harmonized glee! And have been watching "A Mighty Wind" literally over and over for the past couple of weeks, skipping from the movie to the commentary and back again, AND I listen to the soundtrack on my morning walk/run. I'm so addicted, but I have to say it starts the day out just right, and a little off-kilter.

And my love for the amazing rendition done by Your Boys goes without saying. What a treasure.

And do you see how this is all tying things together for me? Neil Diamond + My Father + You + A Mighty Wind = all my favorite things in the world!

Donna said...

Too weird--I just found "A Mighty Wind" in the bargain bin at the grocery store and bought it for my dad. My folks raised me on the Kingston Trio, The Brothers Four and the Chad Mitchell Trio. Made me very happy when all that music came out on CD! Throw in a little Tom Lehrer and some poisoned pigeons and it's all good! ;0)

I'm comin' back to watch it all as soon as the Mighty Hunter quits watching TV in here!

Living In a Girl's World said...

Okay your boy...the cutest thing ever. Watching he and dad jam is absolutely priceless.

Lady Di said...

Love it! A favorite in our household too - in the iTunes Top 25 Played list.