Sunday, August 31, 2008

Decision '08

Thank you, all, for your sound opinions. I will be sticking around here, as much as I would love to grab "flingingjello" while it's still available. Maybe that'll be the name of my sitcom about a wacky, aging, lapsed Lutheran mom and her adorable son and brooding, sensitive, kilt wearing husband. And their hijinx.
Or something.

You have all given me so much support and so much to think about (I'm so glad it was Rodius in line for the Dark Knight and not me, because you may have read about the mayhem the next day in your newspaper). Of course, your comments only point out what I've already known all along. That I'm so lucky to have stumbled across you all out in the ether, and I SO want to be Suttonhoo when I grow up. I'm just not there yet. I agree about the snark - I'm not comfortable around it even when I agree with it - and I know that I have been very snarky about Ms. Palin.

So instead of being sarcastic, I'll stick to the issues. As I've thought about it more today, I am more than sure that she was chosen, not because she's a woman (although that is icing on the cake), but because she will appeal to Evangelicals. And as such, that threat, as we know is far too real to not take very, very seriously.


Lisa L said...

Isn't is HUGE? I am still floundering from the announcement. I was late to work that day because I could not tear myself away from the 'news.' He covered all the bases didn't he? A kid about to deploy to Iraq?..... Oh My God. The right wing radio talk show hosts are in heaven. Holy shit, Batman.

Lisa L said...

I should've edited my comment. I meant to say "isn't IT huge." Sorry about that :)

I, Rodius said...

I was having a hard time hearing, but I believe it was something about using government to steal money from righteous people and use it for unrighteous purposes. Or something. I thought about turning around and just asking him, "Excuse me, but did I hear that right? Did you seriously just call the man evil? Isn't it possible for people of good will to simply disagree?" But then I thought, "What possible outcome are you hoping for here?" So I ordered my popcorn and moved on.

I, Rodius said...

My biggest regret is that I didn't ask him what movie they were there to see.

Jenny said...

I was coming to comment my thoughts about your previous entry when I saw this. Honestly, Annie, this is one of the reason's I like your blog. You're more than just a "mommy blogger." You share your life and witty stories of JH, yes, but you do so in an endearing and loving manner. Then, you put in your views on other topics and wow me with your intelligence and compassion. I wouldn't want to see it separated out, as if we have to compartmentalize being a parent. Just being your a mom doesn't mean you can't have political views or issues that fire you up. Just because you write about school and funny things your child does doesn't mean you can't discuss an issue that means something to you.

You're a wonderful writer and I am still reading no matter what!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're staying in one spot.

And for what it's worth, I'm not sure I entirely agree with Suttonhoo. If you are using your blog to convert the masses, then yes, I totally agree that snark is not helpful in presenting a thoughtful, persuasive argument. But, at least for ME, that's not my purpose. I have enough on my shoulders without feeling like it's my responsibility to win people over to my side, to represent all of those who agree with me and engage in measured discourse with those who don't. My blog is my place to vent, and you know what's good venting? SNARK. :) Seriously. Maybe it's not mature and maybe it's not highbrow, but it's satisfying and releasing and sometimes necessary to present a calm and centered face to the world, which I am required to do 90% of the time in my life.

So, I say, let's not outlaw snark. Really, what fun would that be?