Saturday, March 10, 2007


I heard this conversation Joe-Henry had with his dad this morning:

Joe-Henry: "Haley and her friend found a dead possum in her yard"
Charley: "Maybe it wasn't dead. They protect themselves from predators by playing dead. It's called 'playing possum'."
Joe-Henry: "What's a predator?"
Charley: "An animal or bird that hunts. Like a hawk."
Joe-Henry: "Or maybe a vulture!"
Charley: "Well, maybe. But they don't have any vultures here in Vancouver."
Joe-Henry: "They don't have them in Minneapolis, either" A pause, and then:

"But they have A LOT of them in Washington, D.C."

I tell ya, the kid is wise.

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suttonhoo said...


btw: spent the morning listening to a Mayanist present a new "vulture mountain" glyph reading for Bonampak's toponym/place name. What are the odds? ;)