Friday, March 2, 2007

Tooth Fairy to Strike?

In a rare move, workers for the Tooth Fairy, Local IBSWW (International Brotherhood of Shiny-Winged Workers) are considering a strike. "We've been working overtime, especially our workers in the Northwest" said one worker, who asked to remain anonymous. "First there was this kid Joe-Henry, lost a tooth last night, we made the delivery, then BAM, he loses another one this morning! Plus, this kid has a friend, lives in Seattle, and this little girl lost HER tooth last night too. And these are FRONT teeth we're talkin' about. Do you know how much heavier those are? I'm tellin' ya, I think they're just trying to break the bank! Plus, we're runnin' low on Fairy Dust."

A spokesperson for Joe-Henry and his friend Hazel, identified only as Mom, said this: "These claims are ridiculous. Kids lose their teeth. That's what they do. They can't help it if it all happens at the same time. While we understand the stress that the demand for Fairies in recent nights has placed on the Northwest Chapter, we hope they will reconsider. Children rely on them. They supply a great service - magic and wonder, and there is precious little of that in this world we live in. We hope they will at least meet us halfway."

We'll be monitoring the situation, and keep you posted.


Franklin5 said...

Oh, my. As an interested observer who will, in time, require heavy-duty service from the Tooth Fairy, I wish both sides much luck as negotiations continue as expediently as possible.

In particular, I implore the IBSWW to consider the effect this strike may have on other sectors of the service industry who provide nighttime delivery of high-priority childhood treats and deliveries. Just imagine the impact that would be felt worldwide if Santa Claus participated in a sympathy sickout!

And with Easter mere weeks away, well... let's just all hope that Mr. Bunny is far too preoccupied with basket-and-egg production to catch wind of these developments.

On a happier note, these are quite possibly the cutest damn pictures I've ever seen.

anniemcq said...

If there were an award for best comment ever, I do believe you'd win. This made me laugh so hard I finally wheezed up that little piece of lung that was left over from my flubug. Thanks, Franklin! You're hysterical.

suttonhoo said...

lol & fyi