Tuesday, March 20, 2007

white dress shoes

My niece is getting married in a couple weeks. I had a shower for her here last Saturday (thus the scarcity of new material from me - I was braindead from cleaning and whacked out on the fumes from my hot glue gun). I think the bride had a good time, and it was appropriately awkward, since I only knew three people in the room, the rest were related to the groom. But everyone was nice, and it kicked off the start of the avalanch of wedding events that are sure to overtake everyone and everything in the next little while, rolling us up in giant balls of tulle and little candy mints.

I am very happy for my niece. She's marrying a good man (even though I suspect he MAY be a Republican), and they are truly a great match. And Joe-Henry gets to be the ring bearer. He'll wear a white tuxedo. All I could think of when she told me about it was that guy in "Mystery Date". Do you remember that game? (Are you anywhere near as old as I am? Probably not, but humor me....) I always thought that guy was soooo boring. I wanted to go out with the scruffy guy instead. He looked like a lot more fun. But when I took Joe-Henry for the fitting today, I got it. He looked sooooo handsome, dare I say dreamy, in the jacket that they use for fitting. I ask you: how I will keep from crying buckets of tears at the sight of my niece in her bridal gown, my brother in his tux and my son, in his own little mini-man tux? The answer is: I won't. I plan on taking an extra large hankie. I mean, I cry at weddings where I don't even know the people, so there is really no hope of me getting out of this thing without ruining my make-up.

We're having a problem finding shoes, though (of course). The one's that come with the tux don't even come close, and I may have to make a special trip to Stride-Rite. We've never owned a pair of dress shoes for him, and I really, really hope we can find some. If all else fails, I might be able to find white sneakers, but I don't think he'd go for that. He wants to wear fancy shoes. And I'm going to do everything I can to find them. A boy doesn't wear a tux every day, he ought to feel as fabulous as possible.


anne said...

Yes, I remember the Mystery Date guy. I did not have the game, but I had the lunch box in 4th grade.

I found you by way of suttonhoo, and I have added your blog to the short list of those I check nearly every day.

Your writing is very good - I feel many of the same things you do about being an "older parent" of small children. My daughter is 8 and my son just turned 5; they arrived when I was 38 and 42, respectively.

I work full-time outside our home, so the evenings and weekends and rare vacations are filled with me just observing my kids and trying to freeze their facial expressions and their conversations into my mind forever. They have already changed so much since they were babies...and I fear the next eight and five years will go even more quickly than the preceding ones have passed by.

Thank you for verbalizing many of the thoughts I have - it is good to know I am not alone in some of the thoughts and feelings I harbor!

anniemcq said...

Hi Anne! I'm so glad you stopped by. I started blogging because we recently moved to a new state, and most of the mothers of young kids that I've met are young enough to be my daughters. Being an older parent has it's challenges, but also it's great rewards.
I'm also glad you found me through Suttonhoo! Isn't she awesome?!
Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.