Friday, May 4, 2007

7 Random Things About Me....

I was going to list five things that I love about my son today, because my pms is waning, and so is his, and he's being really sweet to me again. But I got tagged by Tracey over at More Than A Minivan Mom to list 7 Random Things You Don't Know About Me, and I thought, "Screw the kid. Let's give the people what they WANT! More about ME!"
Tracey also mentioned in her blog that technically these kinds of lists are called "memes", but it just doesn't sit right with her. I know! And that's the first random thing about me....

1. The word "meme" makes my skin crawl. It reminds me of an old lady with tight pincurls, who always brings a Lime Jello mold with mayonnaise, celery and pimentoes to the Lutheran Church luncheons and she smells like baby powder and old lady, and her lipstick is on her teeth.

2. You'd think from number one that I have a thing against mayonnaise, just like my friend Tracey. But you'd be WRONG, my friends. Honestly, this could qualify as the number one random thing, but the other just was a better lead in. In any case, my favorite comfort food is.... (Tracey - you really shouldn't read this unless you're sitting near a wastebasket) Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with mayonnaise. I don't eat it often, just when I'm feeling really awful about life. My mom used to make (Tracey, have you recovered from the last one? Then really, just skip down to number three and don't read this. I don't want to bear the burden....) Peanut butter and BROWN SUGAR AND MAYONNAISE sandwiches on Wonderbread. My mom, rest her soul, was actually a great cook, but she was raised during the depression, and they did what they could with what they had. Or she just really wanted me to die of a heart attack at ten years old.

3. I had a best friend in highschool who turned out to be kind of a psycho. We became best friends after her old boyfriend and I broke up. We hung out all the time, we even got the same summer job, and she applied to go to the same college as the one I was going to attend. When the old boyfriend and I started to become good friends again, she started telling me about a friend of hers that she wanted to set me up with, telling me what he looked like, what kind of music he listened to. He wrote me letters (telling me what an amazing girl my friend was), and even sent me flowers for my highschool graduation. We were supposed to meet, and my friend kept telling me that she had a bad feeling, that something was going to happen. I went to see her one morning and she had a huge cut on her hand where she had broken a glass in the night because she had a "vision" that her friend had been in a car wreck. Then later she told me her vision had come true, and he had died. I put it all together and realized that she had made it all up. I wound up in the hospital with an ulcer at 18 because I didn't really know who to tell or what to do. I didn't see her after that because I was really afraid of what she'd do.

4. I have an addiction to pulling weeds. I love how it feels, I love the sound of the weeds being ripped from the ground, I can completely lose myself in it.

5. I understudied for the first production of London Suite by Neil Simon at the Seattle Repertory Theater. During tech, I would sit in the audience in the dark and listen to him talk about writing and actors and theater and I knew my life was as good as it would get. He kissed me on the cheek once in a very fatherly way and he smelled really good.

6. As wonderful as it was to get kissed by Neil Simon, the smell I love the most is my son's breath in the morning. I can't get enough. It's better than expensive aftershave, new puppy smell, new car smell, and WAY better than peanut butter and jelly with mayo.

7. I have an irrational fear of being thrown from crazy rollercoaster rides. I still go on them, but only after sitting down with my inner therapist. This is different from my very rational fear of throwing up on the crowd below.

That's my seven. It was hard to come up with them, because, you know, I'm so together. For a girl who was raised on mayonnaise and peanut butter. It's hard to believe that ever last artery, vein and capillary isn't clogged with cement.

I tag Big Mama, Kimberly, Anne, Lolabola, & Donna. You're supposed to tag 7, but I don't think there are 7 people who read my blog, and of those Tracey tagged me AND Franklin, and Suttonhoo is coming here for a visit tonight, so I'll get 7 wierd things out of her in person after a glass or three of red wine! Feel free to join in the fun, even if you aren't on the list!


Anonymous said...

So, I start reading this, and I'm shouting AMEN SISTER to number 1 and nodding and thinking how wonderfully witty you are and how you totally captured the problem with meme.

And then I got to number 2. And now I feel nauseous. Seriously. I feel nauseous. You tried to warn me, but my eyes kept reading - I couldn't tear myself away from the horror.

Lolabola said...

hahaha! I agree with number 1 too. What on earth is meme supposed to sound like? me! me! or meam?

will play but probably not till next week, off to Cowtown for more wedding 'fun'.

Meanwhile I'm procrastinating and watching That Obscure Object of Desire so I can return it to the library in time.

anniemcq said...

Tracey, I tried to warn you! I hope we can still be friends ;)

Lola - have fun doing your wedding stuff!

Lisa said...

Annie, I ama friend of Tracey's..... she seems to know everyone, doesn't she? Anyway, have you tried french fries with mayo? It's pretty heavenly. As for weed pulling, I mostly have an aversion to doing any kind of chore if I can help it. BUT, I do like to pull weeds right after it rains and while the ground is still wet. The weeds come out easily and you get a good smell of Mother Earth!

anniemcq said...

French fries with mayo - ohhhhh yes. There used to be a place in Santa Monica, Ca that served the most amazing fries and had all kinds of condiments, including a garlic mayo. It was a heart attack in a cup, but what a way to go.
And weeding after it rains is pretty much all the time up here in the Northwest!

Donna said...

Well, I just posted it, and now it's gone! Gotta go clean house, try to recreate it later.


Donna said...

1. I do not know how to pronounce "meme." Common sense says "me-me" due to the content. The grammarian in me, plus all the first grade phonics coding this year, makes me lean toward "meem." For the love of blog, somebody help me!

2. Shoes and socks go on left foot first. Always. I refuse to be responsible for the awful things that will happen if I change this order. Please do not tell my children this.

3. I bowled for the University of Kansas as a freshman and sophomore. Stop laughing. It is too a sport. Sort of.

4. I wanted to run away with Harrison Ford until he hooked up with Callista Flockhart (I mean really!). But I am still drooling in anticipation of the next Indiana Jones movie and will probably beg my hubby to take me to opening night with all the other fogies.

5. Do not touch my chocolate. If you ask nicely, I am guilt-bound to share, but do not touch without asking. If you need a gift idea, chocolate ALWAYS works.

6. I love my mom. A lot. We sound alike on the phone--confusing for her friends when I answer hers. We share a rather fluffy body type that would be better off if somebody WOULD take away my chocolate. She's not perfect, but neither am I. And she raised great kids.

7. I want to be the mom who has all the kids in her sons' classes hanging out at her house. Probably because I wasn't popular in school. Maybe I can be popular in their school!

anniemcq said...

Donna - your list made me laugh out loud. Bowling & chocolate. you're alright!

Donna said...

Annnie, I think I just figured out why my bowling career stalled--I never combined the chocolate and the bowling! ;0p It does tend to make the holes slippery though.

anne said...
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anne said...

done at

Lolabola said...

finally did it

suttonhoo said...

I'm still trying to get my mind around the PB&J&Mayo sandwich.

I don't think I'm going to succeed.

butter? I can do butter. but mayo...?