Tuesday, May 8, 2007

a good read

I am off, off, off, people.

I was up with my poor, bedraggled, vomiting boy all night. He is a limp dishrag of is former self.

And so now, I must list my apologies, in order:

I am so sorry to D., who came for a visit. Joe-Henry threw up on Friday afternoon, and then seemed fine. I really and truly hope you don't get this.

I am so sorry to all the people who had dinner at our house on Sunday night. I thought Friday was just bad cheese.

And I am so sorry to his kindergarten class, who on the day he got really sick after school, had perfect attendance for the third time all year. I sent him because he wanted to go to school yesterday, and didn't have a fever, and he hadn't thrown up since Friday. He just seemed a little tired. What with all the houseguest we were busy infecting, it's no wonder!

I did have the good sense to cancel the playdate for yesterday, and unfortunately, my date with my amazing husband to see Nickel Creek at the Roseland. A Capital B Bummer. But necessary.

I promise to blog something amazing in a day or two. Or something half-way decent, at least. That is if I don't start hurling myself. (Dear God. Please, no.)

In the meantime, I send you here, to read Catherine Newman's weekly blog at wondertime. She is hands down, my very favorite writer, on the subject of parenting, and her post this week is, as always, hysterical, moving, and right on the money.

I'll be back soon. With any luck at all.


suttonhoo said...


I'm so sorry to hear it -- hope he's on his feet again soon -- and that you're never off yours. :( so far so good on this end -- but it sounds like this thing has a lengthy incubation period -- so we'll see. <fingersCrossed />

so sorry to get him all worked up. I should have been a mean old bitty like Aunt Betty, who hated children -- that would have kept everyone in line. ;)

anniemcq said...

We're all better now. At least I don't have it....yet.

Miss you friend. It was so great to see you.