Saturday, May 5, 2007

our good cat

Lulu's gotten a lot of bad press lately, but I think it's time to write about her good qualities.

Ummmmm.... she's persistent?

In any case, I think I should give some space to our "Good Cat", the one who doesn't crap on the floor, or sneeze in your food while you're eating. His name is Pould (rhymes with "would" or "should") and he's a grand old man. We got him as a kitten shortly after we got married, so he's about 13. He's diabetic now, but still very regal. He used to be pretty feisty, but now he's just kind of tolerant, in his own way. Lulu bugs him, but he puts up with her for the most part. And he's nothing if not photogenic. He was very patient as he posed for these photos in his sunny spot under the skylight.


Lolabola said...

This last photo is truly stunning. It should be a promo for a theatre production or something.

anniemcq said...

It was all Pould's doing. He is so regal, and the light was perfect. I love it, too.