Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Love Language is Quality Time

I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

My Primary Love Language is Quality Time

My Detailed Results:
Quality Time: 9
Acts of Service: 8
Physical Touch: 7
Words of Affirmation: 5
Receiving Gifts: 1

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Unhappiness in relationships is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. It can be helpful to know what language you speak and what language those around you speak.

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In other words, I think this means I'm kind of high maintenance.


Tracey Robinson said...

Okay, the "in other words, I'm high maintenance" made me laugh out loud. Girl, not as much as me - with the 10 on acts of service! I don't need no stinking sweet words or my hand held - just empty the damn dishwasher!

anniemcq said...

Your comment made me spit coffee through my nose! Our poor husbands....

suttonhoo said...

i suck. i couldn't decide -- I want it ALL in equal measure.