Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's never enough, but it still fills me up

We had our beautiful friend D. here from Chicago, recovering from a seven hour meeting in Portland, en route to see her Grama in Seattle. I've known her since we lived in the same apartment building in Seattle, so probably about 13 years. She makes me realize the true meaning of "salt of the earth". Precious and necessary. Joe-Henry loved her, and even rose from his sickbed, where he had spent the afternoon withering away like Camille after having thrown up all over the front walk right after school. Luckily, I think it was a touch of bad cheese and not the full on barfing flu, but we'll take it easy today, just in case.

Anyway, as soon as the beautiful Ms. D walked in the door, Joe-Henry was on his "A" game, like a six year old Oscar Wilde with the witty retorts. Of course, it's hard for six year olds to distinguish between "witty" and "obnoxious", but she knew just how to deal with him. He was putty in her presence.

EvenLulu* felt the benefit of her visit, because D.'s the kind of friend who can see the grace and good in everyone, even in wheezing, sneezing, inappropriately pooping cats.

She just left our house to make the drive to Seattle, and I'm feeling her presence rather than her absence. Great friends are like that - no matter where they are, the distance is irrelevent. I'm so fortunate to have a few really great girlfriends like that, and those friendships become more valuable to me with each passing year.

Like every mother everywhere, I only wish we could have had one more uninteruppted conversation. Thanks, Friend. Safe travels, until we see you again.

*And seriously, D., I think the weather in Chicago would make all the difference for Lulu. Just maybe don't check your trunk until you hit Centralia!

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suttonhoo said...

can't thank you enough, ms. anniemcq, for the great good company -- it was sorely needed.

and my regrets to Lulu. I'd hate to separate her from the ones who understand her best. ;)