Friday, May 18, 2007


Last night I had a dream that Nancy Pelosi asked me for dating advice.
Apparently men are threatened by Madam Speaker.
But she's just another "gal", so down to earth.
She wanted to hang out with me and go bike riding.
She was really funny. She made me laugh out loud.
I don't remember what she said that was so funny. I wish I could.
In my dream, I could tell we were going to be such good friends.

Then Joe-Henry woke me up because he had to go to the bathroom.

This morning I had a dream that I was an astronaut, with a bunch of other astronauts.
When we landed back on earth, they let us pick out dresses to wear to the prom.
Mine was grey and looked like it was from the fifties.
But the slip that went under it, even though it was also grey, was really pretty and sparkly and frilly.
When we got home, I found out Charley was breaking up with me and I didn't have a prom date.
I didn't care about the prom, I don't look good in grey anyway.
But I was devastated he was breaking up with me.
He said it was because he had a thing for Norah Jones.
In my dream, I thought, "Doesn't he know that I'm an astronaut?"

I woke up earlier than usual, so that I could wake up enough before he does, so that I don't punish him for being such an ass in my dream.


Lolabola said...

heehee to that "doesn't he know" bit.

suttonhoo said...

he must know.

how could he NOT know.

it's a sad thing for america that so many women astronauts have had their hearts broken this year.

btw, before I fell asleep last night I read a bit by Jung that said: "Write down your dreams: they are your myths."

And then I had a raucous dream about running into a gaffer, an old friend, who told me that between projects he lived with another old friend of ours, a DP, on his ranch in Montana. he suggested that I should do the same. I said "hmmm" and the next thing you know I was fording some rapids in Montana, on this guy's ranch (he was off at some shoot -- I had the whole place to myself), and I was LOVING MY LIFE.


(man I'm full of strange stories tonight.)