Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I once was lost

But now I'm found.

And this is how you found me....

From the run of the mill-

"spiderman costume"

torrent "Jack's Big Music Show"

buddy booby's birthmark

andrew zimmern


7 random things about me

to those in need of a cocktail -

"Can beer effect pregnancy test"

"mommy's time out red wine"

to those in need of a little therapy, perhaps?-

"I am not overbearing" "love you"

Who's Your Mommy torrent

mommy's little boy outfit

to the downright creepy -

Poke mommy’s ass

"dildo mother son".

to the folks in this last category, I don't mean to be un-Lutheran, but you're not welcome here.


Anonymous said...

Yes...I have one that not only found me ONCE by looking for "mothers who F their sons" ????? but this person has come BACK several times.

Umm, hello. By now you MUST have figured out I am not that kind of website.

Lolabola said...

oh I get tonnes about chi pom dogs and pom pom songs. and then strange things like "girl with glasses" . Last week though, someone wrote out the lyrics for a dead milkman song and found my post of the same lyrics. They wrote out the entire verse, trying to find it.