Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grown Up Stuff

I worked my butt off today cleaning the house, working in the yard, grocery shopping... Uninterrupted because my boys are gone. It felt amazing to be in my own head, feeling very self-propelled, and then I got to have people over for a barbecue. So nice, so fun to have grown up conversation, laugh, drink, listen to music, discuss the state of things.

But now I'm missing some cuddle time. I have a feeling I'll be seriously jonesing by Thursday when Grandma brings him home. He's called me several times - to tell me about the bus with the flat front that Grandma bought him, to ask me how old I think his teacher is, to just chat. I miss his voice and his noises that he makes, and tonight I miss the sound of him sleeping.

Tomorrow my man comes home, and I very much look forward to having alone time with him - to talk, to go to movies or dinner, to, you know, ahem..... Yes. Well. I am very much looking forward to that.


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