Friday, June 6, 2008

Headsong Friday: Willy Was A Whale

Today's headsong is inspired by one of our favorites, Justin Roberts. From the time Joe-Henry was an infant, whenever we ran errands, I'd put in a cd. Someone had suggested "Wee Sing", and I purchased it, then quickly realized that I wanted to tape cinnamon rolls to my ears so I wouldn't have to listen. When Joe-Henry was not even a year old, I picked up Justin's cd Great Big Sun, followed quickly by Yellow Bus. I'd put Joe-Henry in his highchair while I got dinner ready, and he'd rock out. One of his first words, after listening to "In The Car" was "AGAIN!", until he learned how to say "REPEAT!"
To add some icing to the whole deal is Justin and his band genuinely love meeting their little fans. We've been to several concerts and he always remembers Joe-Henry, even though it might have been a few years and many concerts for him. The thing that I love the most about his music is how rich it is. It's not simple little tunes - the orchestration is full and peppy, thanks in part to his collaborator Liam Davis and the amazing Not Ready For Naptime Players, and he doesn't "sing down" because his target audience is smaller than he is. His music is full of imagery, and it makes you want to hear it over and over. And it doesn't hurt that his voice sounds just a little bit like James Taylor.

I love this song in particular because I'm a huge fan of puns, and the visual pun of the Weno sign just makes me giggle. Give it a listen, then head over to his website to check out more of his music.



Franklin5 said...

I honestly didn't think it was possible for me to heart Justin Roberts any more than I already did.

I mean: seriously cute guy with fun glasses? Kids' music that, I confess, we enjoy every bit as much and possibly a little more than the muppers? Uproariously fun show?


But then I found out that he's also a former Montessori teacher. AND a University of Chicago grad. And I'm not sure exactly why, but these two bits of trivia just sent me into full swoon.

mitchellkt said...

Thanks for making my daughter's morning. I had never heard of Justin Roberts before, but we listened the "Willy" about 5 times this morning because she loved it so much.


Lisa L said...

I don't know this guy, but would love to hear him..esp if he sounds even remotely like my all time fave, JT....I'm alas one of those wierdos who got hooked on the wee sing kids loved those songs (and movies) so much, and I heard them,oh,at least several hundred thousand if I hear them I feel quite,I dunno...would 'verklempt' be the right word? Probably.

anniemcq said...

Glad to hear your daughter loved it mitchellkt! There are a few other videos on his sight, as well as links to the rest of his music. I don't know if I could pick a favorite cd - they're all amazing!

I, Rodius said...

Justin Roberts on youtube bought me enough time to cut all of the fingernails AND toenails! Thanks!

mitchellkt said...

I ended up going to Itunes and listening to all the samples they had and choose Great Big Sun; although, it was a very hard decision. This albumin reminds a litlte of They Might Be Giants. Thanks again.