Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Woot! Kilt Alert, Kilt Alert!!!!

Charley sent Utilikilts pictures of his "work in progress", as well as a link to my own post about his kilt, and they've already given him a mention! He truly IS a Utilikilts Superstar!!!! Check it out here, and scroll down a bit. Oh, while you're there you really need to check out the "UKer of the month". A new dad with a brand new baby, both in a kilt! Too cute for words!


Franklin5 said...

This has me positively giddy. I foresee the two of you being crowned the King and Queen of the Utilikilts prom, should there ever be such a thing.

And for the record, I totally think there SHOULD. (Hint, HINT, Utilikilts.)

P.S. My very favorite thing here, aside from all the nice hairy legs, is how obviously proud the two of you are of each other... for wonderfully good reason.

Amber said...

OWW!!!That is super cool!Maybe he will become the Utilikilts new spokesperson/model:)I can see him on the runway now:)

Ali Raza Janjua said...

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