Thursday, February 15, 2007

go, girls!

After becoming a mother, I realized the truth of "necessity is the mother of invention". But for too many moms out there, the saying goes more like this: "necessity is a motherf*&#er".

I know I'm coming late to the party about this, but I think it's worth repeating anyway. I read an article in todays
Oregonian about a new doc called "The Motherhood Manifesto", based on the book of the same name. I'm sure you've heard of it, but just in case, I thought it was worth repeating. You can learn more about it at Momsrising.

I also wanted to mention two blogs that I've loved reading in the last couple weeks. Franklin5 and More Than A Minivan Mom. Not only are they smart and funny, they also have links to other great moms to read about. In fact, I found MoreThanAMinivanMom from a link on Franklin5's blog. That's what I love about this whole blogging deal: there is a whole world of inspiration out there. Of course there's a lot of schlock, too, but that's what makes finding great blogs so rewarding. It's like meeting someone really cool at your kid's school and finding out they live right down the street. Having children is incredibly rewarding, but can also feel lonely and isolating at times too, so it's great to find community, in whatever form it takes.

And a final shout out to my friend, D., whose blog detritus I read on a daily basis. Full to the brim of beautiful pictures and keen insight, this woman can do it all. Check her out!

Ladies, you keep me going! Have a great day. Over and out.


Franklin5 said...

I actually hadn't heard of the Manifesto, so thanks for the great links. And an enormous thank you for the shout-out. Trey loves to read the blog comments and has taken to calling us, with a wink and a smile, the Mutual Admiration Society.

This meeting of the MAS will now come to order... we'll all take minutes. And margaritas. Frozen, no salt.

anniemcq said...

Yessssss. I'm out of town visiting the in-laws, and I think I spotted Mrs. Kennedy (from Fussy, thank you very much Ms. Franklin5 for having such great links on your site!) in a restaurant. I wanted to say hi, but she was reading a book, and of course I could have been wrong (my husband accuses me of thinking everybody is somebody I know). But I love the links I am finding on my fave blogs - it's a big wide world of smart women, and smart women who like a Margarita no less! Thanks, Darlin'!

Franklin5 said...

First: I cannot believe that you saw Mrs. Kennedy! It's utterly absurd how starstruck the mere idea of that makes me.

Second: I am reeling from the announcement from Minivan Mom. Don't you go getting any similar ideas, 'k? Circle the wagons, people!

So: weird day in the blogosphere. Better make my 'rita a double.

Have a happy in-law visit!

Anonymous said...

By now you know that I'm just a drama queen, albeit a damn fine looking drama queen in my jeans.

I'll take my margarita on ice, no salt. The MAS can come to order...