Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my valentine

"I have a crush on you. You know that? I think you're beautiful."
My son as he was getting in the tub the other night, as I helped him out of his shirt and he reached over and stroked my cheek.
You could have mopped me up with a thirsty towel and I'd still be mostly a puddle on the floor.

We've been getting ready for Valentine's Day for the last few days here. Joe-Henry wrote out most of his cards that we needed to get in the mail, and last night finished all the cards for his class. He took great care in choosing the cards for his classmates, making sure that each child got the card that he thought they'd like the most. He got the cards that had kitties and puppies on them, that said things like "It's puppy love" and "You're as cute as a kitten!". I love that he didn't want to get superhero or Cars Valentines (even though he loves them), but that he wanted to get these sweet little animals. It's kind of the last vestige of his "pink" phase - which he no longer wears because it's a "girl color", even though last year he was sporting pink and orange striped galoshes and pink converse tennis shoes. He also had princess costumes in his dress-up box along with batman and ninjas, and recently had me take them out and give them away. "Those are girl things, mom". I miss that little guy that wanted to be Ariel for Halloween, but I also love this new little "macho" kid that recently wanted to watch Basketball on tv. His dad is such metrosexual -he's not into sports (although he enjoys watching them from time to time, we aren't glued to ESPN), loves to shop, and loves reading and music. Sports just aren't really on our radar, but I suppose if he wanted to play something, we'd be all for it.

But right now, we like puppies and kitties and music and snuggling. And the occasional Basketball game on t.v. I feel like I've won the kiddo lottery.

Happy Valentine's Day!


suttonhoo said...

you DID win the kiddo lottery! such a lucky mom. and I'm the one with a crush on your little boy. :)

anniemcq said...

I know - he's pretty crushable. I'll let him know - you made quite an impression on him last February (was it actually a year ago that I saw you? It doesn't seem like that long ago.)
Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend.