Sunday, February 25, 2007

oscar impressions....

1. Loved Ellen.
2. Loved Will Farrell & Jack Black & John C. Reilly
3. Helen Mirren looked amazing.
4. What was with Philip Seymor Hoffman's hair?
4.a Celine Dion kind of freaks me out.
5. The triple whammy of Jennifer Hudson & Beyonce followed by the commercial with all the gorgeous women in their underwear prompted my husband to steal a line from my blog. ("Oh Dear God. I've ruined my panties.")
6. While I was cooking dinner, Joe-Henry would call me in urgently, "MOM! There's another pretty girl in a dress!"
7. I LOVED the choir doing the sound effects, and the gospel choir at the beginning.
8. Loved Pilobolus.
9. Loved Forest Whitaker's acceptance speech, but I'm always stymied when winners credit God. I completely respect their belief, but I just wonder if they think God doesn't like the other nominees as much.
10. My favorite speech was by the guy who won for Best Live Action Short. I can't do it justice, find it somewhere. It was really good.

I leave you now, with the little mind movie I took during the last moments of the show:

Interior: Night
The television is on. A small family watches the Academy Awards. Father is sitting in the big chair, while mom and child in mismatched pajamas snuggle on the couch. Pan from the television, where Martin Scorses has just won a much deserved Oscar to the child, who is giving his version of an acceptance speech, while snuggled on his mother's lap:

Child: "Thank you to my family and to all the people that are loving. It's nice to be in a family with people who love me......"
Close up on sweet face, rosy cheeks, then pan to mom, eyes moist with tears of happiness.
Mom: "Oh, Sweetie, that was so nice. That's the best speech of the night."
Sound Effect: The sound of child inhaling deeply. Close up of child's nose as seen through two of his toes, then:

Child: "My feet smell like ass."

Fade to black.


Franklin5 said...

I'm still only about halfway through watching the Oscars (thank you, Tivo, for enabling my ADD), but so far I'd say your observations are smack dab ON.

Love the comments from your husband and J-H; my boy kept asking me to rewind back to "the ballerina," Abigail Breslin. Secretly, I was glad he found her more appealing than, say, Jessica Biel.

suttonhoo said...

oh my sweet goodness.

first have to say: I've *thought* your panty line at least three times since I first read it on your blog. and it puts a stupid grin on my face every time.

next: yeah: what *was* it wIith Mr. Hoffman's hair? not tossled. not sexy. you couldn't even imagine that he went nuts with the hair gel. it was more like: "What: did you just roll out of bed after a three day bender and show up at the OSCARS looking like that?"

finally: Your child. I'm just looking forward to saying I knew him when.

best oscar wrap up ever.

anniemcq said...

Hey, Franklin - I should have issued a spoiler alert. Tivo saves our lives here, and I know it's a drag to find out the ending early. Wasn't Abigail Breslin soooo cute? Joe-Henry liked her too, although he seemed to be particularly smitten with Rachel Weisz. "Mom, is she a princess? Or a bride?" then, "she just looks like an angel".

And Suttonhoo, THANK you for all you encouraging comments. I'm glad to be putting a grin on your face! How were your travels? Are you home again?

Franklin5 said...

No spoiler alert necessary! I'm far too impatient to plow through the whole shebang to find out who won. Nah, I just like to watch the little stuff so I can be culturally conversant around the water cooler on Monday morning.

Except, you know, for the obvious glitch that it's now Tuesday afternoon. And there's no water cooler in sight. Also, the kiddos could care less about that funny bit when Al Gore almost announced his presidential campaign and... whoops, there went MY panties.

STILL WORKING on the dozen-movies post I started yesterday. You and suttonhoo are going to shake your heads and cluck your tongues at my low-brow choices, I just know it. Assuming I ever post the damn thing, that is. This is becoming a real problem for me...

anniemcq said...

LOL! You're Al Gore comment killed me.

No worries about "lowbrow" tastes. I've paid good money for lots of cheesy movies, and had the best time ever. And also, don't worry about finishing if you don't have time. It's supposed to be fun, not a chore. So only if you have fun doing it...