Thursday, February 8, 2007

star student

I'm so proud I could burst. My son is the star student in his kindergarten class this week. Last Friday he came home and was almost ready to vibrate out of his skin, he was so excited to show me... There was a big piece of paper, with each letter in his first name underlined, like a game of hangman, and quotes from his fellow classmates about things they like about him. Here is what they said:
" He likes to go to parks and play."
"He likes to play every day with cars and buses"
"Joe-Henry likes to come to school"
"Joe-Henry acts nice and plays with people"
"He doesn't scream, or punch because he's nice."

This week, in addition to his homework, he is completing his "Star Student" book, which is all about him. It should be pretty interesting to see what he does with it. On Friday, his dad will get to go to school with him and take some treats, and listen to a special book he selected to read, as well as the book he made. I want to go, but I have a doctor's appointment.

It's been amazing to see what a little pat on the back from someone other than mom and dad can do. I've noticed how straight he stands and how much more responsible he's been this week, taking better care of his toys and working a little bit harder on his homework.

Great job, son!

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