Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my funny valentine(s)

Smart, funny men are my weakness. I am a gal who loves humor, as you may have noted from some of my posts. It is by far a surer way to my heart than, say, flowers and candy (unless it's chocolate, then it's a tie). When I met my husband, we were working on an industrial film together, and the jokes he kept lobbing were for me and me alone (no one else in the room seemed to get them). Our courtship was intense, and there were times I thought for sure it was the end, but he had the funny, this guy, and he kept coming back, and well, sixteen years later, here we are. We are parents who deal with the mundane everyday stuff, but almost every day he makes me laugh. He makes me think. And he stirs my heart.

He knows me, too. What makes me tick, what gets my goat, what will make my eyes fill with tears (I am a huge sap, although less sappy than I used to be), and what will make me laugh out loud. We've been through the mill together, and have had some truly hard times. There are times when I don't understand what's in his head, but I never doubt his love for me, or my love for him. We scrap it out when it's tough, and we truly enjoy each other's company when it's not.

And our son. Our son is a perfect combination of the two of us, and his own unique person. He has his Dads' killer sense of humor and his Moms' love of a bad pun. One of our treats (if he doesn't have school on Friday) is to snuggle in our bed and watch "The Office" or "Monk" with me. He LOVES The Office. Luckily, most of the grown-up jokes sail over his head, but he gets the funny. He thinks Dwight is hilarious. So imagine how excited he was that his Dad picked out the perfect Valentine's present for him to present me with this morning. He could hardly contain himself, but he did. Admirably. He's cute, funny, smart AND he can keep a good secret.

His Daddy picked a beautiful present for me, too: a tiny little gold heart with three tiny rubies in it. It's perfect. He's funny, smart, sexy AND he knows how to shop.

Lucky, lucky me.


Anonymous said...

Okay. It's official. You have the coolest kid ever. He likes The Office?? The kid is alright.

And I have the Dwight bobblehead on my desk at work. Love it.

anniemcq said...

I know. I can't believe I lucked out the way I did! And yes - I love my Dwight bobblehead doll! It might be my favorite present ever.