Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Grilled sausages, potato salad, smores and beer.


Oh, and did I mention they're big on fireworks here?

But we had the best little neighborhood parade. And Joe-Henry had a lemonade stand to raise money to send to Fisher House Phone cards for the troops. Our neighbor's youngest son is serving in Iraq, and it's his first 4th of July away from his Dad. He told us about the phone card idea, so that's where we're sending it. Joe-Henry was quite the entrepreneur. I think he might have raised $5.00. But it was the coolest thing going on a hot July afternoon.

Happy Independence Day!


I, Rodius said...

That is a cool helmet, and a thoroughly decorated bike. Bravo! And well done on the fundraising, too. Now just another week or so, and you'll be able to sleep fireworks free.

Franklin5 said...

DIG THAT HELMET! Dig the philanthropic efforts, too. Way to go, J-H, and happy fourth, all!