Monday, July 30, 2007

New Music, II

You'll have to head over here to hear the new song by Joe-Henry. Charley recorded him last night. He's playing electric guitar and singing, and it starts out very Thomas Dolby, then sort of devolves into a song about private parts and gross out things, finishing with an AWESOME fart solo.

Happy Monday!


Lolabola said...

I need to know what kind of music you normally listen to at home now.

best bits for me "the peepee and the poop" and "you know that's what science is all about"

He sounds like some of the local live acts down at the pub.

anniemcq said...

The funny thing is that although we DO listen to a lot of music at home, this is all him. When he listens to a lot of Gillian Anderson or Adrienne Young (bluegrassy but lots of ballads about killing or dying), he'll sing a lot about death or family or love. But this is just where his six year old head is at right now. You can't hear it in the song, but he keeps pronouncing vagina "fudgina". I know I should probably do my motherly duty and correct him, but I just can't. I love it too much.

suttonhoo said...

whoa -- so jim morrison.

Anonymous said...

It took me right back to the live mike night at the coffee shop off Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown.

The boy is too awesome. And I love hearing you laughing in the background!

Charley said...

gillian anderson?? From "The X Files"?? She's sooooo talented!
luv ya

anniemcq said...

Okay, smartass. The first comment you make on my blog, and it's to call me out on a mistake?!

Everyone - I'd like you to meet my husband!

Thanks, sweetie. I meant Gillian Welch. Jesus.