Monday, July 23, 2007

Wild Kingdom

Yesterday afternoon, while I was at my kitchen sink avoiding doing the dishes, but feeling like I should, so I could work up a real case of guilt, a couple of squirrels chased each other along the retaining wall/fence that separates our property from the neighbor next door. Right outside my window, these two decided to go at it.

At first it was just tusslin', chasing each other along the fence and then, as if they knew I'd really appreciate it, right back in front of my window. They wrestled with each other for a good five minutes, mounting each other, but the tails kept getting in the way. One would flip the other over, as if they were checking to make sure they had the right parts, then it would be back up and at it. I don't believe they ever achieved nirvana, or even penetration, but they did entertain me nonetheless.

I finally called JH in to the kitchen, when it seemed that they would never actually get it going and I wouldn't have any 'splainin' to do, so he came in to watch, and as he laughed, he shouted out "HI SQUIRRELS!" This was enough to send them up the Hazelnut tree, where they could have a little privacy.

After they left, Joe-Henry lost interest and went back to playing his game in the living room, and I was left to contemplate the dirty dishes again. But it wasn't long before one of the squirrels came back down from the tree, and I kid you not, stood up on two legs, with one little paw leaning on a vertical branch looked me right in the eye, as if to say, "Could I bum a cigarette from you?"

Who needs Animal Planet when you have exhibitionist squirrels outside your window?


PureLight said...

Ah, the blog-circle sexual romp continues . . . . I spend a lot of time observing the wild urban world outside my window. My squirrels are endlessly entertaining but I have never noted the kind of intimate behavior you describe. Or maybe I just don't recognize what I'm seeing? I know for sure I've never seen the post-coital suavity you describe there at the end. I think my squirrels are too juvenile!

anniemcq said...

It was truly the most hysterical thing - it looked like something concieved by Disney, if Disney did "R" ratings.