Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hillary, Part Two....

Yesterday, I decided to step away from my probing insight about parenting and hot squirrel sex, and did a little fluff piece about a conversation I had with my mother-in-law about something that only affects the future of the known world. I had some great responses, and because you are all so smart, I decided to post a few of your answers, as well as my response.

Plus, I'm lazy, and this saves me time I could spend playing Jeopardy! with my boy.

I also know that many of you (okay, maybe it's just me) will MAYBE read the first comment and skip the rest, and I thought these three comments (and, tooting my own horn) my response were worth reading. This is, after all, a conversation that affects us all, and while I'm so very Lutheran in my fear of confrontation, I am also terrier-like when I need to be, and people, I'm feelin' the need.

So here, in part is what you you said in response to my post, and in total, my response to your responses. I promise a return to pretty flower pictures and posts about Jeopardy! will follow!

Love you all - AnnieMcQ

Suttonhoo said:
"after crushing hard on obama for a time, I'm definitely in the undecided camp (about so many things -- the presidential race being just one among many ;) -- but girlfriend, this post gave me chills."

Tracey said:
"I'm torn on Hillary, to be honest. The feminist in me totally and completely agrees with your mil, but then the feminist in me ALSO believes that there is something somewhat anti-feminist about wanting a person to be president just because she's a woman. Like, shouldn't women be seen as equal, so why should we push for a woman, ANY woman, to be president just because she's a woman? Why can't we automatically assume that the other 50% of the population could be included in the "best possible candidate".

But then the realist in me says if that was the case, we would have already had a woman president. And I start back at square one with the the feminist in me just wanting a damn woman in charge of the country.

I love most of her policy, although I'm still pissed at her for originally supporting the war."

To which Donna added:
"I agree a lot with Tracey on this one. I am not sure that I want to vote for a woman JUST to vote for one. Or just because she has more congressional experience. Part of me keeps hearing the old guard in the companies I have worked for saying, "Well, that's not the way we do it around here. Stick around for a while and you'll come to accept it."

I don't have enough info yet to decide, but I will not rule Barack out simply because he has not done hard time on Capitol Hill yet. The President is a leader, not a ruler, and a good leader, surrounded by a great team can get the job done. Shortsightedness and singlemindedness have gotten us into a deep hole. I want the next president to show that he or she will be thinking outside the political box, because what we have now ain't workin'!"

To which I reply:
Donna - that was my argument to my mil, but frankly, it's a weak argument, a distraction really. Or maybe it's the way my mother-in-law said "WHY NOT!!? WHY NOT vote for her just because she's a woman?" There was something in her voice that made me listen hard to the rest of her argument.

In addition, I'm enough of a realist to know that politics is a machine, and she's been doing it long enough to know where the machine needs grease and what to do to make it run smoothly. I do believe that she is an incredibly intelligent, powerful woman with the heart and soul we need now. She has the wherewithall and experience to, if not right all the wrongs done to America in the last eight years, at least set us on the path. That is where Obama as Vice President comes in. He would spend the next four (eight?) years learning from the best.

I also believe that whoever inherits the Presidency is in for a thankless job, and possibly a huge dent in their political future. I think she's in a place where that won't matter to her - Barack is at the beginning of his career, and inheriting the country in the shape it's in could ruin him.

And as for your argument about the President surrounding himself with experienced old hands to make up for his inexperience..... Hmmmmm... where have I heard that argument before? Look where that got us.

Believe me when I say that I LOVE Barack. I do. I think his political future is brilliant. And I'm pissed at Hillary for her initial vote on Iraq. But I think she's the only candidate with the balls to wrap this mess up, and the grace to restore our good standing in the international community.

Also, if Suttonhoo, who has had the longest running crush on Barack in recorded history can be swayed to even CONSIDER Hillary, then I think it's gotta be worth going to the mat for her. Because Ms. Hoo is a woman of intellect, heart and deep soul, and I don't take it lightly that she's giving it some thought.

Maybe when Barack inherits the presidency from Hillary, he'll choose our Ms. Hoo as his running mate.

I'd vote for that ticket in a heartbeat.


Donna said...

Good points all around, and I'm not even sure Obama would be my choice over Hillary. I think by far she is the best female candidate (actual or hypothetical). That said, I am not convinced she would be the most effective president (not unswayable, just not convinced with the election a mere, oh, 15 months away!).

What are everyone's thoughts on Obama accepting (or the Dems even nominating him) the Veep position? Does this bring the Obama vote in and cast out the more conservative left voters who aren't ready for a woman AND a man of color on the same ticket? I only bring this up because Americans tend to support nontraditional candidates early in the polls but then the numbers always seem to swing back as the actual election nears (ala Mr. Perot and his weird ears). It's as if we want the change but get cold feet when it comes time to actually put somebody in charge.

What is the projection for the House and Senate in '08? I would say Hilary has a much better outlook if the Dems have control (obviously, but the effect seems magnified in her case).

'Nuff rambling for tonight!

suttonhoo said...

love it! but I've officially put my decision on hold for the near short term, in an effort to avoid American Idol syndrome. I figure I'll let them duke it out a while before I pick mine.

In the meantime, I've posted an electoral diversion for you, ms. 'mcq. enjoy. :)

Tracey Robinson said...

I agree with this post with the exception of "But I think she's the only candidate with the balls to wrap this mess up, and the grace to restore our good standing in the international community."

I'm not at all convinced that she would 1. risking her shot at re-election by being as ballsy as she needs to be or 2. that she has the grace to restore (if that's even POSSIBLE) our reputation in the international community.

Don't get wrong, I think Hillary is a brilliant, strong, politically savvy woman...but I also think, like most politicians, she will look out for her self-interest above what is the "right" thing to do. She has demonstrated that she will do this. So I'm jaded and a little pessimistic when it comes to her. But still...I would support her if she was the chosen candidate.

anniemcq said...

You are all the best. Great conversation, great points all around.

And thank you for reminding me that it's fifteen months away. I promise I'll settle down about this, and get back to my old self pronto!

I, Rodius said...

I hope you all appreciate how hard I'm struggling to keep my mouth shut.

anniemcq said...

I was wondering when you'd chime in! You don't have to keep mum, you know.

I, Rodius said...

I'll try a political post again someday, when my opinions are more fully formed and more fully informed. It suffices to say that thinking of Hillary Clinton, I make the same noise Homer Simpson does when he thinks of his sisters-in-law. Although I did see her speak at the Ann Richards memorial, and she seemed almost human then. Almost.